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  • Sports & Physical Education Teacher Toolbox
    The Teacher Toolbox on this site is the perfect find for quick and easy daily activities. After finding the toolbox, click on the black bar near the top of the page with the link to calendars. Here is where you will find monthly calendars (in English and Spanish) and divided by age levels - Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary - with a quick and easy physical activity to accomplish for the day. Calendars are also archived back to 2009 so there are several options for each month.

  • Coaching/Physical Education Resources On The Internet
    This site is divided into these groups because it has so many links to check out -
    General PE Sites
    Sports Medicine/Kinesiology
    Sports Centers

  • Susan's Physical Education Page
    A site from a Physical Education Teacher and a Coach for 20 years.

  • Activity Calorie Counter
    This site allows you to fill in your weight and the average amount of time you spend doing an activity and will calculate the number of calories you burn for 222 activities!

  • PE Central
    A great site that provides links to the latest information about contemporary physical education

  • The Educator's Reference Desk - Physical Education

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