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  • Bingo Card Generator
    Create Bingo cards in no time with the Bingo Card Generator. Use the Bingo Card Creator to create Bingo games to review any topic. In the boxes provided, enter any word list and choices for free space, card size, and number of cards to make. When finished, choose the "Generate Bingo Cards" to print.


  • Achieve the Core
    Find lessons and materials to jump into Common Core. Whether you are already a Common Core whiz or just a beginner, this site will help you. Search the site by selecting subject area, grade level(s), and your role/position. Modules include a facilitator’s guide, a video, and hands on activity with discussion ideas. Content includes both ELA and Math. Some lessons can be found (in ELA) that also incorporate science and social studies. Search by individual grade level or by elementary, middle school, or high school.

  • Make a Calendar
    The site assists students with creating a calendar for the current month. Throughout the process, students review vocabulary for the month, days of the week, and how to properly write the date. They have the opportunity to view various holidays and to add their own special days to the monthly calendar view. Teachers and students can print out the current version of the month in two formats: a full month view and a full month view with assessment questions at the bottom.

  • Sharp Brains
    This site offers some traditional and not so traditional mind stretchers. The general topic areas include How Your Brain Works, Attention, Memory, Pattern Recognition and Planning, Visual Workouts, Visual Illusions, Language and Logic, and others. Some of the activities are quick (less than a minute) while others require more time. The activities could be used in many subject areas; there are language activities, math, general logic, and even some for physical education.

  • New Teacher Helpline
    Let's say you're a newbie who's nearing the end of your first year, and you still have questions -- maybe even some doubts about your future in the classroom. You might want to grab a few minutes (hard as that can be) and check out Scholastic's "New Teacher Helpline."
    The Scholastic board seems to be well populated, with responses coming both from other visitors and from a savvy moderator who is also a full-time teacher. The range of participants is K-12, but heavier on the K-8 end. For a sample, take a look at the post "Bad Teacher?" and the replies:

  • Tech Teachers' Digital Filing Cabinet
    This resource has numerous links to Curriculum Resources and Integrating Technology.

  • Rubric Maker
    This handy online tool allows you to create customized rubrics "on the fly" for any subject or project. You can print the rubrics directly from the website. You choose the age level (primary, elementary, middle, or high school) and input the name of your rubric. Then a blank rubric appears for you to fill in the details. The blank rubric includes space for the criteria, plus a range to rate (gradations) the quality of the students' work. There are also ready-made rubrics you can print out. The website provides explicit direction about how to use the website (they are in PDF).

  • PowerPoint Palooza
    This site contains nearly 200 PowerPoint slide shows focused on history lessons, particularly at the middle, upper levels or advanced placement level. These presentations range in size from a dozen or so slides each to over 145 slides. You can save them, modify them, and use them in your classroom.

  • SAT Math Pro
    Help students prepare for the math portion of the SAT with this collection of more than 125 video lessons, interactive practice modules, timed quizzes, and tips on taking the test. The FREE site, created by a math teacher and SAT instructor, is excellent for independent, self-paced practice. http://www.satmathpro.com/

  • SAT Prep
    Help students prepare for the vocabulary section of the SAT with this interactive practice test. More than 3,000 multiple choice items, organized into 21 groups, are included along with a database browser that enables students to display and print the questions and correct answers.

  • Internet Picture Dictionary
    This visual dictionary available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian is a great site for primary through high school foreign language students. Visitors can choose a topic, view the associated words and pictures, and then test themselves using the activity links on the left side of the page. Interactive practice options include flashcards, fill-in-the-blanks, "stinky spelling" (fix the mistakes), and more. This would be an excellent site for the foreign language teachers to check out. The activity links provide a fun way to get some additional practice.  

  • BrainQuest
    Subtitled "It's OK to be Smart," this site offers a collection of games, puzzles and activities designed to challenge active minds. The 2 minute quizis a lot of fun.

  • Citation Resources
    Need a quick, simple citation resource? Take a look at these awesome sites:


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