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  • Tagxedo
    Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

  • My Study Life
    My Study Life is a free web-based and mobile app for a student to manage classes, tasks, and assignments. Features include tracking tasks, adding exam dates, managing classes, and notification reminders of upcoming events. Enroll through email, Facebook, or Google. Once enrolled, add course schedules to set up a schedule. My Study Life shows both tasks completed and unfinished.
    Share this tool with students for planning homework assignments, tasks, and exam dates. Use this site personally to keep yourself organized! If you have students aged 13 and up, encourage them to choose a consistent planning tool like this one to stay organized.

  • Ookaboo
    Find free, copyright-safe pictures of places, people, animals, and more. Ookaboo is a resource containing over a million images. All images are in public domain or under creative commons, making them free and available for anyone to use (with credit). As the site explains, pictures are free to use within the law, and Ookaboo offers an excellent description on the help page about how legally to use the pictures. Search for images using the search box or by using links to countries, people, or technological artifacts. Download easily with the download button.

  • KidRex
    KidRex is an engaging, safe search engine for students that is powered by Google Custom Search and Google SafeSearch technology. In addition to typical filters applied to searches, the site maintains its own database of inappropriate websites and keywords to further reduce the possibility of inappropriate search returns. The search engine is easy to use and similar to a typical Google search. You simply enter the search term and a list of sites is returned. Inappropriate search terms are returned with an "Oops, try again!" message. KidRex is a great link for your classroom webpage. Before using the site, be sure to click on the Parents link for a quick overview of how the site works.

  • Documentary Heaven
    This site has embedded videos from over 1600 documentaries located all over the internet. These videos are not necessarily "short" clips. Some are longer than 15 minutes. Search the videos via several methods: browse the library, most popular, recent videos, or by categories. Each video comes with a short explanation and ratings (out of 10 stars). Be aware: some of topics may not be suitable for the classroom. You may want to share only specific videos with a class. It has been noted that this website opens rather slowly at the busy times of the day. But it is WELL worth the wait. Note that videos are recommended for inclusion by the video creators, so there could be very strong bias in documentary presentations. What better way to challenge students to stop and ask, "What is the source of this information and can I trust it fully?"

  • Cyber Bullying in the Digital Age
    This site contains all of the information that educators and parents need to know about cyber bullying. It contains resources, publications, lessons and links to help teach students about cyber-bullying.

  • Think U Know
    This web site is a must-see if you are teaching computer and Internet safety. The site is divided into three age levels of activities: 5-7, 8-10, and 11-16. Students ages 5-7 get to meet Hector and take a tour and see interactive information about Internet safety. There are several interactive cartoons and other educational material. Students ages 8-10 meet Griff and his friends to learn how to stay safe while using email, cell phones, chat rooms, and other new technologies. Turn your sound on to listen to Hector and Griff explain safety on a young person’s level. All three sub-sites provide age-appropriate activities, with upbeat music and interactives. The teachers link features lesson plans to coincide with the cartoons and/or video clips. The lesson plans require membership (which is easy and free). Viewing the cartoons does not require membership.

  • ConnectSafely
    This site is a discussion-opener on safe use of the "social web." Some of the tools included are social networking sites, virtual worlds, chat, cell phones, video-sharing, and more. There are tips and advice for just about any medium kids and adults use today, as well as discussion forums where parents can ask questions and share information. Each article and advice section can be emailed at the click of a mouse. You can also download and share printable version (site creators do ask that you not modify them and that you simply tell them if you do download and share). While some posts may not represent your point of view, the important thing is to open dialog.

  • For Kids by Kids Online
    This site offers important information about safe Internet use. It addresses kids' favorite ways to use technology, including cell phones, chat rooms, instant messaging, e-mail, etc. A glossary of Internet terms and warnings throughout the easy-to-read pages make the information accessible. It also motivates the students who use it to proceed carefully and thoughtfully while communicating and downloading information. The three levels (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) differentiate for prior Internet knowledge, rather than grade or reading level. The site is an excellent introduction to doing Internet research, as well.
    Note - This site comes from the UK, so some of the language is distinctly British.

  • Google Guide
    Show your students how to quickly find definitions in an instant! Google has pulled together descriptions of how to use some of the new features available by just using the search box. In addition to searching and finding driving directions, users can now check flight times, do math problems, check the routes of packages, see travel conditions, obtain stock quotes, get definitions and more. At the bottom of the page, searchers can link to more shortcut offerings, including Google Guide's Cheat Sheet and Google Guide's Coffee page.

  • Copyright Kids
    This site is a copyright primer created expressly for students. It provides a structured introduction to various aspects of copyright and their implications for students, especially those using the web for research projects. This one could be a great classroom reference or an integral element of a unit on copyright issues.

  • International Technology Education Association


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