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  • Matific
    Matific uses hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes, to teach K-6 math. Choose activities by grade level, curriculum, or textbook. Try the activities on a web browser, iOS app, or Android app. Most activities include a teacher's guide providing background information, other activities, and discussion questions.

  • You Can’t Do Simple Math Under Pressure
    Just as the title implies, this activity tests your ability to do simple math under pressure. Press play to begin. As you continue, the time bar moves more and more quickly. Move through levels from single digit operations to time problems and equations with multiple steps. Each level only takes about 30-60 seconds. A quick and easy review! This site seems well suited for upper elementary and secondary. However, younger elementary students would be able to do the lower (basic) levels. Turn off the (annoying?) sound using the icon at top right.

  • Math Worksheets Land
    Math Worksheets Land is a free resource to download math worksheets and assessments by grade level or topic. Every worksheet provides the Common Core Standard. Search by topic or grade level. Under the "Tests" section you will find multiple-choice, short response, and extended response questions to meet your assessment needs.

  • NSDL Math Common Core Collection
    The NSDL Math Common Core collection features digital learning resources that address concept and skills components of the Math Common Core State Standards. The collection is organized by grade level and domain. Resources include lesson plans, simulations, problem sets with explanations, student activities that provide feedback, and other interactives. The current collection is fairly small with 3-8 items available under each domain; however, the intention is for this to be an ever-growing collection. To be notified of new items, there is a link to follow NSDL Common Core on Twitter.

  • Number Cruncher
    At this site, you are given a starting number and a target number. The goal is to get to the target number in as few steps as possible (using both positive and negative integers.) This number puzzle activity is perfect for developing and enhancing number sense and critical thinking skills. You can only select numbers adjacent to your current number, so you must plan ahead. Two levels are available: beginners try to reach the target number in as few steps as they can; experts only use seven steps.

  • Mathematical Interactions
    This site offers many different math interactives, puzzles, and activities for all learners of math! Math games include popular puzzles such as the frog puzzle, matching, and an interactive 100's chart. Number puzzles included are magic squares and triangles, multiplication tables, mazes, and much more. Be sure to check out the interactive algebra online section for some great conversation starters and practice. (Broken down by grade level / Permission is given to link games directly to your class pages)

  • Trigonometry
    This site offers several applets demonstrating trigonometry functions. Applets available include law of sines, law of cosines, graphing options, and sine and cosine function boxes. Each link explains the function and offers a box for inputting information to transform the image. Example activities are also included for practice with each function. This one is not a visual "treat," but its functionality makes it quite worthwhile. Share this link on your classroom website for students to practice at home or create a link on classroom computers or in the computer lab to use for a practice activity.

  • Bubble Geometry
    Have fun exploring bubbles and geometry with this site loaded with ideas for experimentation! Ideas include items to use to create different types of bubbles, materials to explore when trying to create a strong bubble, different shapes to create using bubble solution, and questions to ponder. Challenge students to think about how to measure a bubble, learn about making bubble prints, and look for colors in bubbles.

  • Simpsons Math
    Will The Simpsons TV show engage your students? The site offers examples of Simpson clips that can be used as a springboard for discussions or instruction of math functions. The "Guide to Mathematics and Mathematics on the Simpsons" link includes episodes from each season. Another link, "Girls just want to have Sums," has several math and cognition articles worth reading, and a text transcript of a presentation providing a class example of engaging students using the Simpsons.

    Of greater use is the link to "Classroom Activity Sheets" that provides engaging ideas for using Simpsons’ scenarios to solve problems in class. Note: These are open ended and require considerable critical thinking. Examples include: "Are the Simpsons 2D or 3D?", "2D universes," "Pi," "Blackboard Equations," and "The Simpsons Lottery." At the top of the Activity Sheet page is a link for "suggestions" for successfully implementing these activities

  • Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center
    The goal of this nonprofit site is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This project is supported by a federally-funded Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Grant and the Learning Technology Grant. Practice questions are available for all Regents exams.

  • Around the World in 80 Seconds
    This math/ geography practice activity challenges students to answer several math questions in 80-seconds. Each correct answer flies Maggie and her plane to a new destination in the world. Students can choose a difficulty level of easy or hard. They can also choose to play the game using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a mix of all four.

    Use Math Mistakes to uncover the most common math errors and perhaps learn a little more math as well. This site has "Real Mistakes from Real Student Work” and “Math Facts Students Should Know." Browse "Common Algebra Mistakes," "Common Trigonometry Mistakes," and "Common Calculus Mistakes" by using the drop down menus along the top or through the brightly colored buttons. Each area is also broken down into smaller subject areas such as "Pre-algebra" and "Radical Expressions" with several examples given for each. Each example provides the problem and the example mistake that is made. Rolling your mouse over the problem provides a clue to the error, while rolling over the correction area provides the right answer. There are also explanations of the errors and how to avoid them. Choosing the drop down on the example page allows the student to view as a plain web page or as a pdf file. Other links include "Algebra facts," "Trigonometry facts," and "Calculus facts" which contain flash cards and learning center activities.

  • Save the Apples
    This math practice game is sure to excite your students. The challenge is to help a monkey swing on a vine across the water (and keep the apples from the crocodile). The best aspect of this game, is that you can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. You can also choose the difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) to differentiate student practice levels.

  • Count the Money
    This interactive game challenges students to count change and do mental math. There is a piggy bank and coins presented to the students. They are given the total amount and are challenged to add up the money correctly to equal the total amount. This timed activity is simple to use and quick.

  • Algebasics
    This very complete site provides audio tutorials with visual cues as the voice explains the steps. The topics span across a comprehensive Algebra curriculum, from basic order of operations and absolute value to quadratics. If your students can turn on the audio, they can see a narrated walk-through of almost any problem type they select from menus of examples. This site would be great as a homework helper on your classroom web page!

  • Hole In One
    Students can apply their knowledge of squares and their roots to make your way through this interactive golf game. Players must estimate a value for "x." Each time a response is entered, a stroke is played. At the end of nine holes, a scorecard is presented. Both amateur and professional courses available.

  • Math 24
    If you're looking for ways to help students improve mental mathematics, problem solving skills, tap into this on-line interactive game that is as educational as it is fun to play! Students can choose from three levels of difficulty. Can be used as an independent enrichment activity in the classroom. Recommended for grades 6th through 12th.

  • AAA Math
    This site offers a collection of interactive drill and practice exercises listed by grade level and topic area. The interactive features are attractive, though the drills simply give users the correct answer if they enter the wrong answer. For those who need the practice, these exercises could be useful.

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