• I Am an Artist
    Become art smart with resources from the I Am an Artist site. Use the collection of videos to flip your art instruction. Search through the lesson plans and activity sheets to provide hands-on, minds-on activities for your students. Use the videos or the slide shows as an anticipatory set or "activator" to introduce a unit or lesson on a projector or interactive whiteboard.

  • Monet
    Sit back and enjoy an escape into the beautiful world of Claude Monet's paintings. The RMN-Grand Palais, and Musee d'Orsay transformed their 2010 exhibition, "Claude Monet 1840- 1926," into a virtual gallery. You’ll have the opportunity to examine over 100 digital paintings. The zoom-in feature provides a unique opportunity to observe the brushstrokes closer than any security guard would ever allow! The graphics, animations and interactive features are outstanding. You will enjoy reading interesting tidbits of information about each individual painting, and exploring Monet's timeline available in the gallery. Please be patient: this site loads a bit slow at peak times of the day. But it is WELL worth the wait.

  • Tate Kids was the winner of a 2009 Youth Webby Award. It connects the art of the past and present to the world of blogging, on-line activities, storytelling, and craft making. Each project cleverly weaves in a child friendly art history or theory lesson. Features such as “Tate Paint” invite viewers to create and share their own animated masterpiece on-line. Students can select pieces from the Tate Kids Collection or upload their own artwork into the “My Gallery” space and create a personal virtual museum available to visitors around the world. This site screens all submissions before they appear on-line and provides safety tips for children to review with an adult. Signing up for the “My Gallery” option requires a username and password, but no email address is required.

  • Bomomo
    Use a variety of tools and colors to create unique and original digital art. Choose one of 20 patterns, and use the cursor to move across the screen. The buttons are found at the bottom of the drawing box. Save as a .jpg or .png file on your computer with one click. I found this site to be very addicting!

  • ArtandCulture is a dynamic web site that delivers unique access to the best arts and cultural content available on the web today. Staffed by a team of expert curators, provides visitors with the complete consumer experience. At, information on the visual arts, performing arts, design, literature, music and film is presented using the web's first interconnected guide to the arts. is focused on creating the context that makes information truly meaningful.

  • ArtGames
    Kids ages 4-12 can learn the building blocks of art and creativity through this interactive website from Albright-Knox. Kids can learn about portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, color, and materials. They can also create their own works in the interactive studio section.

  • ArtsEdNet
    Art related K-12 lesson plans, curriculum ideas, image galleries, web gateways and publications.

  • The Online Picasso Project
    This site lets you explore everything you ever wanted to see and read about Picasso. Whether you are trying to inspire an art project with some visuals before turning students loose with their own materials or are teaching a lesson in art criticism, this site is great. A few of the resources open a little slowly simply because of the large volume of information that is loading. The site seems to work best when you go in through "biography."

  • Games Gallery
    Quick thinking and nimble fingers are needed in these fast-paced, off-beat, art-based games. Enter the gallery, read the brief instructions, and prepare to play. Each game is different, and the longer you play, the tougher they become! Color mixing, sculpture, spatial representation, and sequencing are among the content areas addressed.

  • Playing with Shadows
    Introduce your students to the ancient Chinese art of shadow puppetry with this interactive site. In addition to revealing the basic mechanics of the art, this resource provides historical background, descriptions of traditional stories and characters used in shadow puppetry, and videos of actual shows performed by the Shaanxi Folk Art Theater – a renowned Chinese puppetry troupe. After observing the step-by-step process of puppet and stage creation, visitors can construct virtual puppets and create their own shows.

  • The Art of Teaching the Arts
    A Workshop for high school teachers guides the viewer through seven "principles of artful teaching" that can enhance instruction in the arts. The series web site extends learning through discussion questions, enrichment activities, and activities.

  • Web Gallery of Art
    The more than 12,000 works of are represented digitally on this site include paintings and sculptures created in Europe between 1150 and 1800 AD.  Many of the artworks include captions as well as biographic information about the artist.  Use the search engine to zero in on a particular work or artist. Choose from a selection of virtual guided tours to better understand the historical or artistic relationships between museum pieces.

  • @rtRoom
    This is a nicely constructed collection of art and art appreciation activities. Well illustrated ideas and concepts could be used in a variety of settings and grade levels. If you're looking for art projects, there are dozens of ideas here.
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