• Summary of APPR Changes (opens .pdf)

  • Tenure Changes (opens .pdf)

  • Changes to Educational Law Section 3020-a (opens .pdf)

  • Testing Misconduct - Know the Requirements

  • Diane Ravitch is arguably the best educational historian working today. She was chosen to be on President Bush’s No Child Left Behind team but she left when she realized it was not working to improve public education.

    Check out these links to be informed about the complex issue of school reform:
          - Larry Miller's Blog
    - Get Schooled Blog

  • Vote-Cope Campaign
    Vote-cope helps strengthen political action programs on all levels - national, state & local. To specifically help on the local level, vote-cope provides rebates to all locals. Over the last two years over 4 million dollars has been rebated to locals for political activities.

    Contributions to VOTE/COPE are fueled entirely by membersí voluntary contributions. VOTE/COPE is NYSUTís statewide political action fund.   It supports grassroots lobbying on education, labor, and health-care issues. The fund also underwrites "get-out-the-vote" campaigns and supports bi-partisan, pro-education candidates.   Widespread member support makes NYSUT's political action committee one of the most effective voices in politics today.  

  • Community Service Award
    NYSUT has recognized our association again to be a recipient of NYSUT's Local Community Service Award.  Once again, our teachers donated over $10,000 to be used locally or regionally.

    In addition to the money we donate, we continue to support our local Boys & Girls club with our time and effort,  In past years in a charity dance, or our new event this year, a movie night. Congratulations to all ETA members that continue to support our charitable work!

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