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  • Sexual Harrassment Prevention Policy
         - Complaint Form

  • ETA Record of Question or Concern Form

  • Professional Educator Questionaire for Education Law Issues

  • Donation Request Form

  • Teacher Layoff Questionaire

  • Filing an Appeal

  • Checklist for Appeal

  • Sample TIP Form

  • Deduction Codes for Paychecks

  • Personal Day Form

  • Request for Payment - If you need reimbursement from the ETA, please print this form.

  • Seniority Form

  • Sick Leave Bank Form  -   If you are not a member of the sick bank, you have until September 30th to join.

    According to the contact, membership in the bank shall be available to all employees hired on or after
    October 1, 1999, regardless of their classification as of the October 1st following the completion of 3 years and 1 day of employment by the District, provided the employee has accumulated 30 sick leave days at that time. Employees hired before October 1, 1999 shall be eligible for membership after 1 year and 1 day of employment. Each eligible member shall initially contribute five (5) sick leave days from his/her sick leave accumulation.

    Please keep in mind that as employees we do not have NYS disability. Please refer to the contact pg. 37-40 to learn more about the sick bank. If you have any questions, please call Beth Levakoff at ext. 4203



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