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Blogs - Read the insights of both experienced and first year teachers in these blogs.
There is a "tool" that is built in to most blogging software that changes the way we receive and process the information we get from the Internet. This is what's known as RSS. This code, usually referred to as a "feed" (as in "news feed"), makes it possible for readers to "subscribe" to the content that is created on a particular Weblog so they no longer have to visit the blog itself to get it.  As is true with traditional syndication, the content comes to you instead of you going to it.  Check this video out - RSS in Plain English (3:42) Funny & easy to understand.
  • So You Want to Teach?: Billed as "education for educators" this blog shares teaching experiences, ideas
    and more to help you along in learning to teach.

  • It's Not All Flowers and Sausage: This is a blog for TEACHERS WHO ROCK and are frustrated by the
    day to day drama that gets in the way of our interactions with children.
  • The Doc is In: Dr. Pezz presents a sort of smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas. Some can be taken and used by teachers, others just makes you laugh.

  • New Teacher Diaries: Follow the growth and experiences of these first year teachers in math, special ed and elementary education in these Edwize blogs.

  • Close Enough for Jazz: If you’re not into the whole music scene, this one may not interest you.  It’s from the perspective of a choir teacher. His tag line reads, "Am I a teacher of music, or a musician who teaches?"

  • Bob’s Blog: Bob is a new college grad and a current high school social studies teacher in an economically challenged area of Georgia. This blog shares his thoughts on his teaching experience, everyday life and more.

  • My First Year: Follow several teachers through their first years working in classrooms in this blog.

Forums - Chat with others in your situation and those who are more experienced in these forums.

  • A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums: Ask questions and talk with teachers new and experienced on this large teaching
    forum. Teachnology New Teacher/Student Teacher Forums: Discuss all kinds of issues that relate to new and student teachers on this forum.

  • The Teacher’s Corner New Teachers Forum: New teachers can come together to talk on this forum, find answers to questions and get guidance from those with more experience.

  • The Education Forum: Teachers looking for some support may be able to find it on this large education forum.


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